Hair accessories & bijouterie

for young ladies

New hair crabs with crystals in High End quality.
Detailed, fine polished, extra shiny

Under numerous requests we created the new line of hair crabs in High End quality. It’s a premium line made of special alloy polished and covered, using the high enduring materials. Line is more detailed in design and producing only with extra shine crystals.

  1. Designed from heart
  2. Different styles for...



High End
Line is for those who like it rich and in very high quality. Fine polished, supplied with super shine crystals, extra resistant.
Same level of quality as High End line using only in an earring’s production. The unique technology of producing provides the same shine of metal parts and the same durability of usage as items containing nickel.
For those who like to be more individual. More colors, more elements, more fantasy. Line made from cheaper materials according to the taste of those who like it to change fast. No more boring days! Life shines and you are in the center!
For those who just started to explore this world. Rings mainly produced in extra small sizes and suites for the very young fairies. Red, yellow, green, blue and other bright colors always provide the joy and good mood of your baby.

High End for those wants more.

Shiny crystals, fine polishing, strong durability.
Unisize sizes suit for very small fingers.

NickelFree as a protection from allergy

Special technology keeps metal shiny and long lasting in use.
Different locks for different tastes..

Elegant bangles in High End quality.

Detail which never be forgotten.
Looks impressive as an addition for any fairy dress.

  1. Muzzy and gorgeous

 The colour which you'll never detect